Who We Are and What We Do at RSI

With over 30 years in the business, and over 300,000 private clients, RSI has become an industry leading B2B provider of private-branded Leisure Lifestyle and Travel Benefits Programs.

Whether our benefits are private-branded and sold as a stand-alone product, or combined with your resort’s current offerings, you’ll see an increase in sales conversion rates, reduced rescission, and happier clients. Our programs can be customized to suit your organization’s specific sales and demographic needs, charitable contribution goals, and acquisition and retention strategies.

RSI’s programs make our client’s money by reducing rescission, prolonging customer retention, creating employee goodwill, increasing sales efficiencies, and more. Best of all… they cost you NOTHING. Is it any wonder why RSI’s clients are always writing to tell us how happy they are? Here’s what they are saying:

Thank you RSI, for almost ten years you have continued to exceed our expectations. Our Club, Summer Bay Vacations, has enhanced our revenues and our customer satisfaction.” ~ Juan Barillas, Director

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