What we DON’T Do at Reservation Services International

We do some pretty great things at RSI Vacations that we are really proud to talk about. Unfortunately, it seems like we spend a great deal of time defending what we DON’T do at RSI. We see all kinds of things on the Internet and of course we all know that everything you see on the internet is definitely true – not!
Because there tends to be some confusion about exactly what we do at Reservation Services International, here’s the scoop:

We are a “Business to Business” Business
RSI is a business to business (“B2B”) provider of private-branded leisure lifestyle and travel benefits programs. As such, RSI does not sell anything to individual members of the general public. Not at all. So if you happen to see a review online where someone is saying that they went to one of our sales presentations, or bought a vacation package from us. You can be guaranteed that they DID NOT.

  • Just so you know, RSI does not do any of the following:

  • Conduct sales seminars

  • Solicit individuals to attend sales seminars

  • Call individuals to attend sales seminars

If you feel you have been contacted by anyone representing themselves to be from RSI or affiliated with Reservation Services international Vacations for any of the items listed above, or you have any other questions about RSI and how we do business, please feel free contact us and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Tucker MarCom