What to do When You Have a Complaint with a Vacation Club

Who gets angry when they feel like a business has taken advantage of us? We all do, of course! It is normal to get upset when we feel that a vacation travel club (or any business for that matter) has done us wrong. If a business takes advantage of us by not living up to our expectations or by making it a point to scam folks, it’s just not right and we don’t have to put up with that!

What do we do? Our first recourse is often to go online and write a negative review travel scam, rip-off report, or other consumer watchdog websites so people will be advised not to do business with them. It makes us feel better to tell the world how awful they are, but does it really help us in any way?

Typically, not. Even though it makes us feel a tad bit better after we write the negative online review, it doesn’t do anything at all to help us get the problem resolved. In many cases, the company that the complaint was made about probably doesn’t even know the negative online review exists! How are they supposed to make you happy when they don’t even know there is an issue?

The Best Way to Get the Problem Resolved

It’s really simple: Contact the company directly to resolve the issue. According to RSI Vacations, a Business to Business (B2B) provider of private-branded leisure lifestyle and travel benefits programs, it is much more effective to contact a business directly if you have an issue. They indicate that most vacation travel clubs typically are not even aware of the negative online reviews written about them. Worse, many consumers have no clue that many of the online review websites are less than reputable rip-off report type sites, that aren’t even legitimate! If you contact the company directly it gives them a chance to fix the problem and is really the best way to get your problem resolved so you are happy.  Consumers should be aware that the only people reading the online negative reviews can’t do a single thing to help them at all! It just makes sense to report the problem directly to the company and let them make it right for you!

Tucker MarCom