Vacation Clubs vs. Timeshare - What's the Difference?

Tired of staying in cramped hotel rooms with your family and find yourself wishing you had a vacation home instead with a living room area, kitchen and plenty of room to spread out? Have you ever taken a tour of one of those timeshare condominiums that seem to be everywhere when your family goes on vacation? Ever wish you could have one of those timeshare condos for your use on vacation without having to fork over $15,000+ and paying an average of a $600-$700 annual maintenance fee for the right to stay in one for a week each year (whether you use your week or not)?

Well, if your answered ‘Yes’ to any of the above questions, then a vacation club membership might be the answer for you.  A vacation club membership offers you savings in all types of lodging…hotels, cruises, and especially timeshare condominiums.  It gives its members consistent savings on every type of lodging and travel, but its greatest value is typically in the area of using timeshare condominiums.  Vacation clubs will acquire their timeshare condominium inventory from a variety of sources…unsold inventory owned by the resort developer who cannot market his units as rental direct to the public without cannibalizing his timeshare sales operation, timeshare exchange companies who have excess unused inventory in their system, and private timeshare broker networks that are prevalent in the industry that market timeshare inventory that has been re-acquired by a resorts homeowners association…just to name a few of the sources.

And although a vacation club membership cannot provide the type of specific-week certainty or availability each year at certain resorts that owning a timeshare does, it typically gives its members access to hundreds of thousands of timeshare weeks to choose from some of the nicest timeshare resorts in the world, without any restriction of traveling in different seasons.    And for having a bit more flexibility in their vacation destination and resort choice, vacation club members are able to avoid having to pay the huge upfront cost of buying the timeshare week.  Instead, the vacation club member only pays on only when they use it…and they average rental cost is only about the cost of an average annual maintenance fee…which means they are normally paying less than $100 per night (which is less than the cost of an average hotel room).  

And here’s the best part…vacation club members are typically not restricted to only one week of condominium rental use each year.  Most vacation club plans over multiple week usage opportunities each year…and some offer unlimited condominium rental use each year.

So if having access to timeshare condominiums on vacation without having to own one sounds good to you, then perhaps you would be well-served by owning a vacation club membership.

Tucker MarCom