Travel Scams and the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is a great organization designed to help consumers deal with businesses and less than reputable companies that take advantage people. The BBB tries to help consumers resolve problems they are experiencing with a company and also makes a note of these companies in their database so that other innocent people are not scammed by them. This is a very effective process and the Bureau works really well for consumers when complaints are filed correctly and the responsible company is reported.

Correctly Identify the Company and Report Them to the BBB

If you are having an issue with a business, the first thing you need to do is correctly identify the business you are having trouble with. It may seem odd, but sometimes it is confusing even to the savvy consumer just exactly who owns the company and who to report – especially if it is a large corporation that is associated with another. This happens a good bit within the travel industry. Here’s an example of how an innocent company became the victim of being reported to the Better Business Bureau for something they didn’t even do. Basically, the poor consumer was so confused that they didn’t realize that they were dealing with a different company.

This is a common problem for larger companies like RSI Vacations. Too often well-meaning consumers actually file a BBB complaint against the wrong company. RSI Vacations was shocked when they were alerted to complaints on their BBB profile that were not even about their company. The reports should have been filed against a company that they do business with on a contractual basis instead of them. It’s kind of like you being reported for something that your favorite electronic store did simply because you have a contractual relationship with them because you have their store credit card.  

This type of “mistaken identity” truly effects everyone involved. The innocent business accused that now has negative marks on their BBB profile suffers resulting from confused consumers who think they have been wronged by them, the innocent consumer who was wronged gets no help or even a resolution for their problem, and other consumers will not be warned about doing business with the “bad” company, so they are at risk of being scammed. It is very important that consumers closely examine all of the pertinent details when filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau so they correctly identify the right company as the rip-off and scammer!

Tucker MarCom