Tips to Help You Plan Your Best Vacation Ever

No matter whether we are traveling for business or pleasure, we all want our travels to be the very best it can be – free from stress, unexpected negative surprises, and less than perfect accommodations. Wondering how you can help guarantee that your escape is picture perfect and worry free? Here’s a few tips from RSI to ensure smooth sailing during your next vacation getaway.

Consumer’s Guide to A Great Vacation

  1. Beware of Travel Scams – According to the Better Business Bureau, travel scams are on the rise.  Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than falling for a scam or having to deal with a disreputable company. Be aware and be smart.

  2. Bring Emergency Back Ups – Be sure to bring extras of anything you absolutely must have during your vacation AND pack them in your regular luggage so they are less likely to be stolen. Not having things like a back-up copy of your passport and driver’s license, or major necessities such as contacts or eyeglasses, is a sure way to ruin a trip fast! 

  3. Do Your Homework - Seek opinions and advice from credible websites or sources about the companies you plan to do business with. BUT…do be aware that the newest and sneakiest travel club scam is to write fake, fraudulent, negative reviews on travel scams and rip-off reporting websites to actually make a company lose credibility with travelers.

  4. Join A vacation Travel Club -  Being a member of a reputable Vacation Travel Club is a great way to ensure a stress and worry free vacation every time! Travel Clubs allow you to relax and leave the work to them. They do a good job making sure all of the best deals, accommodations, and activities are set and ready to go when you are!

  5. Leave the Valuables at Home - Don’t bring unnecessary valuables with you that you really don’t need while on vacation. You will be on the move with many activities and don’t need to worry about losing expensive things or worse yet – theft!

  6. Confirm! – It is imperative that you verify your travel arrangements before your trip. Be sure to get all of the details about your vacation in writing and make sure you bring contact phone numbers, confirmation numbers, boarding passes/flight numbers, and any other travel details with you. This will help ensure an uneventful trip for all.

  7. Use Your Membership Perks – Travel Clubs offer Concierge Service that is there just to help you have the best vacation possible. Take advantage of this perk and let them show you how to save additional money on all of your travel needs including rental cars, area activities, tours, restaurants, shows, and more!

  8. Be Prepared – Don’t let minor mishaps ruin your trip. Be prepared for annoying things that are bound to happen such as headaches, sunburn, bug bites, or stomach issues. Arm yourself with a mini first aid kit with everything you’ll need: sunblock, insect repellent, over-the-counter pain reliever, antacid, and bandages.

  9. Keep Private information Private – Always be wary of giving out your credit card number when traveling. If you don’t feel confident the company is legitimate, refrain from doing business with them. It’s better to be safe than sorry! There are plenty of legitimate companies to work with!


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