The BBB and Your Vacation Club

Folks often look to the Better Business Bureau to get the latest information on travel companies, travel clubs, and vacation clubs.  We all want to know the best companies to use, how they treat their customers, and if people consider them a bargain.

When you visit the BBB website online, you may be surprised to find that travel and vacation clubs don’t always get the best rating on their website. In fact, the Better Business Bureau grades aren’t a guarantee of a business' reliability or performance. It’s true; and we were surprised to find this information.

Did you know: A vacation company can work hard to satisfy their clients yet still be limited to getting no higher than a “C” rating (On a scale of “A+ to F”) from the Better Business Bureau.

This is why your vacation travel company may have a lower rating than you expected: Travel companies as a whole tend to get lower ratings on the BBB website. If it a newer travel company, that effects the grade even more. It is so much harder for travel companies to earn the superior “A+” rating. According to the Better Business Bureau, there are certain kinds of business that are more likely to have a larger amount of customer dissatisfaction simply due to the nature of the products/services they offer.

Unfortunately for travel clubs, this vacation club rating system doesn’t really indicate an accurate and true picture of a company. The Better Business Bureau is here to help travelers, but can be kind of confusing as well when trying to decide whether or not to use a company. Be sure to understand the criteria used for the travel club ratings and give a company a chance before you judge them on the BBB rating opinion only.     

Tucker MarCom