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We know it’s true that all companies get their fair share of complaints and negative reviews, but Reservation Services International reviews seem to be centered around a set of complaints about things that just don’t make too much sense! Seriously, we’re kind of baffled and find it suspicious that online review and complaint websites are actually allowing these false and fake reviews to continue to be posted!

What These Scammers are Saying About Us

In the past we had a series of suspicious complaints that seemed to be focused on services we don’t even offer! (Seriously!) There were actually RSI Vacation complaints that we were giving less than professional sales presentations and that people were treated poorly when they attended the sales seminar.
Again, this strikes us a particularly odd since the RSI Vacation complaints we received aren’t even about services we offer. We don’t actually even give sales seminars or presentations! Crazy, huh? In fact, these are obviously fake reviews or thought to be genuine RSI Vacation complaints by people who are confused about which company they are dealing with! Believe it or not…this happens, too!

The Latest Strange Complaint We’re Hearing

The most recent Reservation Services International reviews that make no sense to us are the ones that indicate that people are unable to contact RSI after they purchase the RSI Vacation Club Membership. Again, these RSI Vacation complaints make no sense to us, as all of our contact information is readily available to anyone who wants or needs it. Reservation Services International Winter Park offices can easily be searched online by anyone who is looking to contact us. In addition, here is our website, which happens to contain two addresses, a phone and fax number, as well as a Contact Us form for customer convenience! We are readily accessible to our customers and the Reservation Services International complaints that we aren’t simply make no sense to us at all. In fact, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Tucker MarCom