RSI Vacations Review – Amazing Deal on Florida Vacation

RSI Vacations takes pride in making happy customers. It makes our day when we hear from our members and their amazing experiences and how our club helped them save money. Reservation Service International works hard to ensure member satisfaction and wants to take the time to share the letters we receive from members about all of the fun and exciting places they have been and how their membership helped them keep some hard earned dollars in their pockets! Marissa M. from San Diego, CA sent us this letter:

“My husband just started a new job and brought home an employee benefit package that included an RSI membership. I told him that we couldn’t really afford to join a travel club (especially after I saw how much the health insurance was going to cost!) He told me that it was FREE and I thought – well how good can it be if it’s free. Well come to find out – it was really good! To be honest I kinda just forgot about it until we were planning a vacation to Florida. After I did all of my homework and had the trip almost completely planned, my husband said hey – did you use that “travel club thing from work”? I hadn’t but decided to check the rates for the same trip we were already going to book and I was VERY pleasantly surprised that it actually saved us $325! Now when I am researching a trip, the RSI website is the first place I go to plan!” ~ Marissa M., San Diego, CA

Tucker MarCom