RSI Vacations Customer Review: Kudos From A Very Happy Business Owner

More and more employers are taking advantage of the amazing employee benefit perks offered through RSI. If you own or manage a business, you can find out more about our customer employee benefits packages on our website here. We received this letter from Joni S. from Cincinnati, OH who recently added RSI benefits to her employee benefits package. She is thrilled with the response from her employees and is glad she made the decision. Read more below!

“I am a business owner in Ohio and recently heard about RSI International from a business associate. I implemented the program a few months ago and I wanted to write to say how much of a success it has been for my company! My employees are raving about the new perk and are all talking about the money they are saving. It has been great for morale and has my employees so excited about the possibilities of what they can do! Thanks so much RSI for offering this tool for business owners to help make their companies stronger!!! I am a VERY satisfied new customer!” ~ Joni S., Cincinnati, OH

Tucker MarCom