RSI Vacations – Be a Savvy Traveler

It’s that time of year again! Kids are out of school, the weather is warm, and lots of folks are planning vacations! Unfortunately, you have to be careful when planning your summer escape to avoid the dreaded travel scam! Here’s a few tips from RSI Vacations to help ensure your trip is smooth sailing! 

Avoid the Old Bait and Switch
The hotel you’re thinking of booking is suspiciously cheap, but the property’s website makes it look beautiful and centrally located. When you arrive, the hotel is run down, missing advertised amenities, and in a not so desirable part of town. Worst part is it refuses to refund your money so you can stay somewhere else. Be a savvy traveler and avoid this bait-and-switch scam by visiting websites such as TripAdvisor or Travel Review Today to check out real customer reviews and get the real scoop before you travel.
Avoid the High Pressure (and Expensive) Rental Car Collision Damage Waivers
This rental car racket has been running for years. Companies often pressure you to buy a supplemental policy, which will prevent you from having to pay a high insurance deductible if the car is damaged. BUT, more often than not, when you rent a car, the credit card you use already provides deductible collision coverage for free! Be sure to check your credit card terms and pay for the rental car with your credit card then you’ll be covered without having to shell out extra cash for phony insurance. Also be sure to check your vacation travel club for rental car discounts before you book! RSI Vacations has great deals from their travel partners!

Grandparent Scams
Did you know that even if you’re not currently traveling, you can still be the victim of a travel scam? That’s right. The State Department has issued warnings that scammers will call a relative or a friend of someone who’s away on vacation and pretend to be the traveler in desperate need of help. The scammer usually disguises his or her voice and blames it on a bad cell phone connection. Then the scammer will ask the victim to send money because they have been robbed, needs money to return to the United States, or has run into legal trouble. Sometimes the scammer will even pretend to be someone from the U.S. embassy calling on behalf of the relative for money. If you receive this call and area skeptical, you should try to contact your relative. If unsuccessful, you can call the State Department’s Division of Overseas Citizens Services to see if the situation is legitimate.

Vacation Rental Property Scam
It may be tempting to go through the many online advertisements such as Craigslist to search for a vacation rental home, but it’s also easy to fall victim to a scam there. Scammers will place an ad and ask the victim to wire money to secure the vacation rental. Sadly, you will not find out until you arrive at your destination that the property doesn’t even exist or that it does, but they are not the owner! Avoid the risk by going through a reputable vacation rental site, vacation travel clubs, or RSI Vacations travel partners to book your vacation accommodations!

Tucker MarCom