RSI – Unfair Travel Reviews Give Travel Clubs a Bad Reputation

Ever wonder why travel and vacation clubs get bad online reviews? Here’s one reason and a scenario to help understand the issue better. You receive an advertisement for a new donut shop. The ad indicates that if you stop in take a look at what they have to offer, you will receive a free or discounted box of donuts. You head on over to the shop to take a look.

At the donut shop, you are shown what the shop has by a friendly employee. You asked if you could see the donuts available during the employee’s presentation and were told yes you could! While there you also asked about the donut shop’s reputation and the employee said it was amazing. Because you are picky about who you do business with, you then asked if you could borrow their computer and check the Internet to verify their reputation and you were told that they could not allow customers to borrow their computer. This made you mad and you decided that you were not going to do business with a company with a less than reputable image, you were rude to the employee, and were then asked to leave. Because the donut shop was a reputable company, they did still give you voucher for a free/discounted box of donuts that they had promised.  

When you got home, you decided to go online and write negative, untruthful reviews on untrustworthy online consumer review sites like Rip-Off Report, Pissed Consumer, etc. You indicated that the donut shop was a rip off, you tell the world that they have scammed you, and you advise folks not to shop at the donut shop.

Writing Fair Business Reviews

This doesn’t sound like a very fair or professional thing to do, does it? Actually, it doesn’t seem like an accurate description of what happened at all, does it? It seems like there must be a misunderstanding of some type between the company and the consumer that we aren’t aware of. The customer simply asked for something that the employee could not give them due to store policy. The customer has a right to get upset, but they had no valid reason at all to go online and write negative and untrue reviews about the company!  

This is How Some Negative Vacation Club Reviews Happen

It may sound insane, but this is actually how most negative vacation travel club reviews end up online.  The above incident really happened at RSI Vacations. That’s right! The actual review written by this consumer actually said that they were not the victim of a monetary loss, just the loss of an evening. But they still decided to say in the review that RSI Vacations struck them as being unethical and potentially illegal. Unbelievable, huh?

These types of travel club reviews are unfair, unreliable, and unethical! For a consumer to say that RSI Vacations scams people based on the above scenario is unjust and untrustworthy…and untrue.

Be aware and alert when reading online vacation travel club reviews and be sure to reference only trusted sources. Also be sure to be on the look-out for rival companies who make up negative online reviews about businesses like RSI Vacations simply to ruin their good reputation!  

Tucker MarCom