RSI – Strategy and Process!

Strategy; you know, that course of action in which you work your ‘tail end’ off by strategically exercising, making healthier eating choices and saying, “No” more often than “Yes”, to those foods that aren’t too flattering to the waist line? Process; that grueling maintenance of self-discipline that allows us to adhere to the strategy, to produce the desired outcome of losing weight.

On the other hand, what if you were able to have someone go through the ‘grueling’ process for you? Meanwhile, you have the luxury of getting to maintain the results of a healthy lifestyle?

So it is with Reservation Services Group (RSG). You have employees, owners, association members, and affinity groups.  They’re not only hard to acquire, they are even harder to retain.  You’ve got to be different; you’ve got to do something unique.  You know they vacation, and that vacations are a part of a healthy lifestyle.  Statistics point to the fact that vacations promote better productivity, a happier workforce or customer base, and, at the end of the day, that translates into ROI. 

What is your company doing about providing its employees, owners, association members, and affinity groups, with diverse, cost effective vacation options that are only available as a result of their relationship with you? That’s affinity at its finest.  Okay, in all fairness, most companies provide their employees with paid time off, but that’s typically where it ends.  And its no wonder, your company is not in the vacation business.  But here’s the good news… RSG is!

For 30 years, RSG has specialized in helping build its client’s ROI by developing private-branded, leisure travel solutions that deliver a best pricing guarantee.  We’re talking Cruises, Vacation Packages, Resort Condos starting at $199 for an entire weeks stay, Staycation Getaways at over 200 locations, Hotels and more.  How can RSG do that you ask?  Great question. 

By offering RSG’s travel benefits to your private group, behind a secure login and password, RSG can offer fabulous vacation options at prices that will beat the public websites and travel agencies every time.  In the industry, this is called ‘closed promotion pricing’; but, your employees, owners, association members and affinity groups will simply say… thank you!

It’s easier than you think and, did we mention… it’s FREE! RSG can have your private-branded web-portal operational inside of 30 days. So, what are you waiting for? Why don’t you contact RSG and let us put together a turnkey, private-branded travel portal, with best pricing guarantees for your group today?

Tucker MarCom