RSI is All About Creating Affinity

RSI’s leisure lifestyle and travel benefits programs create an affinity between your company and those you care about most; and allows your business to show appreciation, without lifting a finger. Whether it’s an employee, owner, association member or customer, every person your organization comes in contact with is ultimately a consumer. Studies show that consumers are always looking for ways to stretch their spending dollars and improve their overall quality of life. It’s simple…people like to travel, dine out, go to shows, concerts, and take vacations with loved ones. The only thing they like better is being able to do all those things for less; and you can give them that gift.

RSI Affinity Programs

Have you ever been offered a credit card that is branded with the name of another service? As an example... When J.P. Morgan Chase Bank partnered with Amazon to offer an Amazon Rewards, they understood the online shopping market was expanding. What better way to cater to online shoppers than by partnering with the world's largest online retailer? This partnership, also known as an affinity marketing campaign, allowed these two companies to link their brands in a mutually beneficial relationship.

These campaigns are win-win scenarios for both parties. When one business partners with an organization to provide goods in exchange for access to a new market, both parties benefit. Through their highly-effective affinity partnership, Chase Bank increases its overall customer base, while Amazon offers incentives to those using the credit card with their service, increasing the number of people likely to buy products from Amazon. Contact RSI to learn how we can provide a similar winning scenario for you!

At the end of the day, people are what drive your business. Whether it’s an employee, member or customer, success depends upon creating a positive link between people and your business. That’s what Affinity is all about. 

Tucker MarCom