RSI Customer Review – Great Company with Great Service!

AT RSI Vacations, we take pride in having happy customers We also value our partnership with amazing companies like Suite Journeys who help make our customers’ vacation dreams a reality.

We recently received a compliment from a new member who saw our partnership work well for them and wanted to share the great experience he had with our RSI customer service rep. We are so proud of our customer service team and the outstanding care and concern they give each and every one of our customers. We take pride in sharing this letter we received saying good things about them:

“We were on our way home and my cell phone was not working. We called the Daytona site, on a pay phone, and the customer service agent at the site reached an RSI agent, Christina, on another phone. Christina made us a reservations and gave us a confirmation number over the phone. This was done within a couple hours of us arriving at the motel. All I can say is that you are a great company with great service.” ~ Johnny M.

Tucker MarCom