Amazing RSI Customer Service Saved the Day!

It always feels good to hear how people feel about your company and it’s especially nice when a customer takes the time to write in and let you know that you’re doing a good job. We at RSI Vacations take pride in our customer service team and love to hear when they have made a customer’s day better by helping them. Here’s a short note we received from a new customer, John, who took the time to write about how one of our team members saved his vacation!

“We were on our way home and my cell phone was not working. We called the RSI site, on a pay phone, and the customer service agent at the site reached an RSI agent, Christina on another phone. Christina made us a reservation and gave us a confirmation number over the phone. This was done within a couple hours of us arriving at the hotel. All I can say is that you are a great company with great service and Christina saved the day.” We’d love to hear about your experience. Contact us here anytime!

Tucker MarCom