Reservation Services International – We Help Businesses Grow Their Business

RSI is an industry leader in the private branded leisure lifestyle and travel benefits programs for businesses. Although you might be confused by some of the misleading reviews online, the first thing you should know is that we are in business to help businesses - not consumers. We have 30+ years in the benefits business and we are proud to say that we have over 300,000 private clients.

You may have heard about Reservation Services International (RSI) but really aren’t quite sure what exactly we do. That’s totally understandable because some RSI Vacation Club reviews say that a vacation travel club that is out to rip people off with scams. Other websites claim that we offer presentations to sell timeshares. And believe it or not, other ripoff report websites indicate that we sell vacations. Absolutely none of that is true. In fact, we do not do any business at all with people looking for a timeshare or vacation at all.  

We are not sure why these website are making these claims about RSI, but since folks often go to online travel review websites like Ripoff Report and Pissed Consumer to say negative things about us, we thought it was only fair that we set the record straight. Are we perfect? Well of course not, but we are far from guilty of the insane things folks write in Reservation Services International reviews online.

Take a look here. This is what we are talking about:

“My wife and I received a post card in the mail offering an incentive (free trip / discount on a trip) if we attended a sales presentation by Reservation Services International (RSI).”

This is a false statement. RSI is a B2B leisure lifestyle and travel benefits company.  Accordingly, RSI does not sell its private-branded leisure lifestyle and travel benefits to members of the general public.  RSI’s business clients that elect to private brand RSI’s benefits under their own name are fully responsible for all aspects of their business.  Further, RSI does not provide its business clients with marketing support, vacation certificates, or sales presentations of any kind.

Here’s another:

“I won a phone contest and was directed to a sales person who promised a 2 night and 3 day paid vacation. They had sales people left and right trying to sell us timeshares when we arrived. After an agonizing 3 hours of torture we left with the vacation certificates for the seven night vacation package from RSI timeshare resorts. They are some seriously deceiving people. Beware!!!”

Again, not sure where this is coming from at all. Reservation Services International does not sell to consumers, only businesses. In addition, RSI Vacation complaints are bogus because we do not provide vacation certificates of any kind.

If the people filing these complaints had any serious concerns whatsoever, they've been given our telephone number and email address to discuss the matter. To date we have not received any correspondence or communication from the people responsible for posting these ridiculous, false complaints.

Tucker MarCom