Real and Fake Travel Reviews: How Do You Know the Difference?

With the many travel review websites on the Internet today, it’s truly hard for a consumer to tell which ones are real and which ones are fake. Oh…you didn’t realize that there are fake travel review sites online? Well, there most definitely are! Unfortunately, it makes it very difficult to tell whether a company is legitimate or is solely out to scam people!

One way to ensure you are seeking advice from a legitimate website is to make sure you are seeking opinions and advice from a credible source. One of the newest travel club scams is to actually write fake, negative reviews about businesses and say that they are travel scams.  The rip-off report websites actually make a company lose credibility with travelers and potential customers. Savvy consumers know that sources such as the Better Business Bureau are proven and reliable; versus the rip-off reports on travel scam review sites.

Here’s an example:  RSI Vacations has received numerous negative reports on these fake fraud reporting websites where people are asked to post travel scams, fraud, complaints and reviews. Once you read some of the outrageous scams supposedly done by RSI Vacations, it’s pretty obvious that the same false complaints have been posted by the same person on various websites on the Internet in an effort to get the this company a bad reputation!

The ironic part of these fake reviews is that RSI Vacations received refers to services that RSI Vacations does not even offer! Can you believe that? RSI does not promote, market or sell vacation club memberships – at all. They do not offer any type of "free" vacation vouchers (as indicated in numerous complaints) for attending a presentation. In fact, they do not host any presentations to begin with!  It’s so ridiculous, it would be funny, IF the reputation of RSI was not being tarnished due to these lies. 

If you are a ”real” consumer who isn’t sure exactly what to believe or have any questions about the validity of RSI Vacations, legitimate, credible sources for information include the state and the Better Business Bureau, which can confirm and verify RSI’s reputation as being legitimate and solid.

Tucker MarCom