Planning a Vacation? Be a Savvy Consumer and Know the Truth About Travel and Vacation Reviews

All companies, good or bad, get complaints from folks. Let’s face it – you can’t make everyone happy all of the time. True or not, these negative online reviews can really hurt a business and give it a bad reputation. If the business is in the business of doing bad business, that’s a good thing, but…unfortunately some good businesses get caught in the middle between an unhappy consumer and negative online reviews that are not really justified at all.

RSI Vacations has had this happen to them and it has caused a great deal of untrue and unnecessary negativity for them. RSI Vacations has received a series of complaints about services and situations that don’t even apply to them. It seems very suspicious and unprofessional that online complaint and review websites are actually posting these false statements on their so called legitimate websites. It is confusing to consumers looking for valid and legitimate travel reviews and it’s unfair to the actual business being falsely accused!

The saddest part is that these bogus complaints are actually usually about services that RSI Vacations doesn’t even offer! How can a legitimate online consumer travel review site actually allow posts on complaints for services a company doesn’t even offer to the public? It seems like they need to start being accountable for posting these false reviews!

Sounds insane, but it is true. RSI Vacation complaints indicated that the company was hosting sales presentations that scammed people. Did you know that RSI Vacations doesn’t even give sales presentations to consumers? Ever. That’s kinda like saying that Walmart sold you a car that didn’t work properly when in fact we all know that Walmart doesn’t even sell cars!

Again, no company is perfect and RSI Vacations is no exception, however, a smart consumer knows they have to be very savvy when reading online vacation and travel reviews so they can be sure to steer clear from the real scammers out there!

If you see a negative online review about RSI Vacations, just check here to see what RSI Vacations really does. You will probably find that the fake review is about something we don't even offer!

Tucker MarCom