Customer Satisfaction and How to Get It

 We all get angry and upset when we feel that a vacation travel club or other business has done us wrong. Whether they are simply not living up to our expectations or are truly scam artists, it makes us feel bad when we feel we are taken advantage of.

Often we write negative online reviews on rip-off report websites or other consumer watchdog sites about them so everyone will know to stay away from these businesses. This is sometimes a good idea to warn other people about them, but what does it REALLY do for us? More often than not – NOTHING!

Although it helps us feel better to blow off some steam and tell the world how we were wronged, it actually doesn’t do anything at all to help us get the problem fixed. In fact, it is probable that the company that is accused doesn’t even have a clue about the review you wrote and has no idea how you feel about their business!

Contact the Company Directly For Better Results

According to Reservation Services International, it is MUCH more effective to contact a business directly if you have a problem or concern. Most vacation travel clubs and related businesses really do not have knowledge of the online reviews consumers write. Especially if it is a less than reputable rip-off report type website. Contacting the business directly and allowing them the opportunity is truly the best way for satisfaction and to get your problem resolved. The people who write the negative online reviews should know that the only people reading them can’t do anything at all to help them! It’s just good old fashion business to report the problem directly to the manager of the company and let them make it right for you! After all, you deserve to be happy with the service and product you have paid for!

Tucker MarCom