Customer Review: Employees Are Grateful for New RSI Benefits

At RSI we love to hear what folks have to say about our company and the benefits we offer. It literally makes our day when we get emails and letters about how a business or organization is implementing our benefits for their employees. Here’s a great letter we received from Burt V., from Columbia, SC telling us how excited he and his employees are with RSI benefits.

“Hello, I own a small business in SC and wanted to tell you how much my employees and are enjoying the RSI benefits package we recently implemented. I was overwhelmed with the great response I received from my employees when we rolled out the package last month and did not realize what a motivating addition this would be to our company. I have received many “thanks” and also I have enjoyed hearing about the many ways they have all used the perks. Thanks RSI for providing small businesses the opportunity to offer these perks to our employees. So far we are really enjoying them!” ~ Burt V., Columbia

Tucker MarCom