Be a Smart Consumer: Get the Scoop on Travel Reviews

Would you believe it if we told you that companies actually pay people to write fake travel reviews? Sadly, it’s true. There are businesses that pay people to write fake RSI and other vacation reviews to give these companies a negative reputation with the public.

Due to these untrustworthy websites and companies, be a smart consumer and know the scoop while searching online for vacation and travel reviews. Always visit websites you know and trust, and remember that you can’t always believe everything you see online. If you realize that most of the RSI Vacations reviews and a large amount of the other negative reviews on travel clubs and vacation deals online probably aren’t real, you will understand the vacation review scam.

When another company goes to extreme lengths to ruin the reputation of a competing business, it is in fact that company that you need to be leery of. To say that RSI Vacations and other legitimate vacation travel companies are in the practice of scamming people on a regular basis is insane. When they make fake accounts on the rip-off reports and complaint boards sites and write untrue things about other companies, they are simply trying to turn people against the popular vacation travel clubs so they don’t have to compete with them.

Don’t let this poor and deceiving business practice give you a bad taste for vacation travel clubs. The legitimate ones are truly a great deal for people who love to travel. Vacation travel clubs like RSI Group are really great ways to save on travel and in addition, they offer additional benefits to members. There are literally thousands of satisfied vacation club members who are enjoying reaping the membership benefits and realize that the bad businesses are the ones actually writing the fake travel club and RSI complaints on the internet!

Tucker MarCom