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For many folks, the holidays will involve travel to and from your holiday destination. We all know that this the most hectic time to travel and is the busy season for hotels, airports, rental car, and many other businesses that cater to travelers. The American Society of Travel Agents compiled a list of inside tips and tricks-of-the-trade to help you have a stress-free holiday journey with no complaints at all; just a happy family getaway!

Happy Holiday Travel Tips

No Bulky Holiday Gifts - Packing light during holiday travel season is a great way to avoid unnecessary stress.  Plan to ship your gifts to your holiday destination a few weeks before you arrive. Not only will it save you time checking in at the airport and extra baggage charges, but it will save you from having to carry gifts around the airport!  If you are driving, your journey will be much more comfortable with a lot less loading time, too!

Arrive a Day Early – To make your life so much easier to arrive on time for early morning flights, book a hotel room near the airport instead of trying to beat the mad holiday rush! You will get a good night’s sleep and much less stress due to avoiding the holiday traffic. Be sure to book a hotel that will allow you to leave your car parked there while you are out of town at no charge so that you don’t have to pay expensive airport parking fees!

Take Time to Smell the Christmas Flowers - If you’re planning to drive, allow plenty of extra time to avoid rushing around. Travelers reviews indicate the number one complaint of holiday travel is sitting in traffic and dealing with unruly drivers. Delays and crazy drivers are to be expected. Combat this with festive holiday music and activities!

Plan Your Travel Dates - The real secret to avoid holiday delays and stress is to avoid peak travel times and days. Studies have found that the most hectic holiday travel days are the ones right before and after the actual holiday. Try to arrive a few days before the holiday or even travel on the holiday to save the inconvenience of crowds and delays!

Safe and happy holiday travels from your friends at RSI Vacations!

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