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As the holidays approach and you make plans to visit family, you may not be aware, but vacation scammers are also making plans… to ruin your holiday! RSI Vacations and the Better Business Bureau wants to help you avoid being a victim of these ruthless con artists with a few common travel scams and how you can avoid them:

Common Travel Scams to Be Aware Of

Fraudulent Websites: Be on the lookout for travel websites that are simply there to scam you. These savvy websites appear to be legitimate. Unfortunately, once a vacation is booked, you will likely never be able to contact them again. Only book your vacations with a company with good reviews that prove a good track record of working with customers.

Wi-Fi: For the safest online experience, it is best to avoid using public Wi-Fi at places like hotels and restaurants when doing online banking or entering your credit card number. Scammers make fake Wi-Fi hubs, so that they can gain access to your information and passwords.

Hotel Tips: Hotels often call and check with guests to make sure everything is ok. They should not however, ask for any information such as credit card number or any personal data. Promptly see the hotel management in person if this occurs.

Vacation Rental Homes: When searching for a vacation rental home or villa, be sure to watch for fraudulent vacation rental listings. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always deal directly with the property owner or manager and be sure to verify that they have the right to rent the place.

Social Media Mishaps: It is smart to avoid updating your social media accounts with photos and posts indicating that you are away from home for an extended period. This is an open invitation to crooks of all kinds to take advantage of you.


RSI Vacations wishes you and your family a safe and scam free holiday away!

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