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RSI is a business to business (“B2B”) provider of private-branded leisure lifestyle and travel benefits programs.  As such, RSI does not sell anything to individual members of the general public.

Further, RSI does not do any of the following:

•  Conduct sales seminars

•  Solicit individuals to attend sales seminars

•  Send solicitations by mail to attend sales seminars

•  Call individuals to attend sales seminars

If you feel you have been contacted by anyone representing themselves to be from RSI or affiliated with RSI for any of the items listed above, or you have any other questions about RSI and how we do business, please feel free to click the ‘Contact Us’ button below and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Stimulate Sales

Boost Sales, Reduce Rescission & Build Loyalty

Whether RSI’s benefits are private-branded and sold as a stand-alone product, or combined with your resort’s current offerings, you’ll see an increase in sales conversion rates, reduced rescission, and happier clients.  RSI’s programs can be customized to suit your organization’s specific sales and demographic needs, charitable contribution goals, and/or acquisition and retention strategies.  Regardless of how you deploy them, the result is the same…you get all the credit, and a better bottom line.

Create Affinity

At the end of the day, people are what drive your business.  Whether it’s an employee, member or customer, success depends upon creating a positive link between people and your business.  That’s what Affinity is all about.

RSI’s leisure lifestyle and travel benefits programs create an affinity between your company and those you care about most; and allows your business to show appreciation, without lifting a finger.  Whether it’s an employee, owner, association member or customer, every person your organization comes in contact with is ultimately a consumer.  Studies show that consumers are always looking for ways to stretch their spending dollars and improve their overall quality of life.  It’s simple…people like to travel, dine out, go to shows, concerts, and take vacations with loved ones.  The only thing they like better is being able to do all those things for less; and you can give them that gift.

Creating an affinity between your employees, owners, association members, and distributors, is what RSI is all about.  Since 1981, RSI has been dedicated to making businesses more successful by bringing resort developers, travel service providers, and local businesses together.  RSI’s benefits programs help create affinity, stimulate sales, increase brand loyalty and help bolster morale and retention.  RSI is your one stop solution for customized, high quality and relevant, leisure lifestyle and travel benefits programs.  

Monetize Inventory

With over 300,000 private clients, we are one of the nations largest private, concierge travel services. Let us help monetize your resort’s inventory by dynamically packaging it with our other robust travel benefits that include cruises, air, car rental and more. We have clients just waiting to come to your resort…you have a need to convert your unsold and unused inventory into cash. Best of all, as we do not work with the general public, your public pricing strategies are never compromised. It’s a match made in heaven.

Employee Benefits

In this day and age it’s more expensive than ever to provide good, solid benefits for your employees. RSI’s leisure lifestyle and travel benefit programs cost you NOTHING, yet provide outstanding and relevant employee benefits. In today’s difficult times, attracting and retaining the best employees, while holding down benefit expenses, is a winning combination. As a result, you are rewarded with happier employees, a good corporate culture and the ability to attract and retain the very best talent.

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